About the Book

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Environmental writer Laurie King and internationally bestselling author Miriam Lancewood present a collection of narrative non-fiction stories and poems on the human connection with nature. Never before have so many people with such incredible life experiences within nature committed to a single book.

In response to a growing public expression of eco-anxiety, Laurie and Miriam have gathered together an extraordinary set of adventurers, nomads and nature lovers who have had profound experiences in nature. In Wilder Journeys, you will walk across the desert with American explorer Angela Maxwell; survive for 10 years in an Australian forest with Gregory Smith; lie underneath the stars with Roz Savage on the Ocean; hunt in the wilderness with Miriam Lancewood in New Zealand; and set up a surf school for people of colour in California with David Malana; Float down the Amazon with Karl Bushby; Film white-tailed Eagles with Hamza Yassin…& more!

Original illustrations and poems throughout bring these inspiring stories alive.

By following these wild journeys, you will see how anyone can change their lives and their relationship with nature in a moment.

Publisher: Watkins Media Ltd.

Illustrations: Giles Herman @gilesillustration

Cover Design: Karen Smith