Laurie King – Editor

Passionate about helping people heal their feeling of disconnect from the natural world, Laurie became a writer, researcher and facilitator.

“I decided to create Wilder Journeys to show people what is possible, to encourage them to transform themselves and their connection to the wider web of life, just as many of the authors have.”

As a freelance writer, she has written features for magazines such as Resurgence and Ecologist, Sustainable Food Trust, STIR to Action and Bristol Cable. She is currently completing her PhD at Cardiff University, which takes a more-than-human approach to researching sustainable harvesting of wild food. Having just completed a year long training in Eco-centric Approaches to Nature Based practice with Way of Nature UK, she is currently training as a wilderness rites of passage guide and organising courses which help people feel more purposeful and connected in these times.

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Miriam Lancewood – CoEditor

Dutch-born Miriam Lancewood left civilization in 2010 and survived seven years with her husband Peter in the wilderness of New Zealand. They moved through the mountains like nomads, slept in a tent, cooked on a fire and Miriam learned to hunt with bow and arrow. Her memoir Woman in the Wilderness became an international Bestseller, last year she wrote a sequel called Wild at Heart. “To be able to hunt and gather your own food, gives confidence and strength,” she says.


“One moment of being truly connected to nature, shows you the power and strength of our Earth.”
Miriam Lancewood, co-editor Wilder Journeys

Belinda Kirk

Belinda is an explorer and the leading campaigner promoting the benefits of adventure on wellbeing. She has led dozens of international expeditions over the last twenty-five years. Belinda has walked through Nicaragua, sailed across the Atlantic, searched for camels in China’s Desert of Death, discovered ancient rock paintings in Lesotho and gained a Guinness World Record for rowing unsupported around Britain. In her book Adventure Revolution, Belinda writes how adventure has the power to transform the timid into the confident, the addicted into the recovering, and the lost into the intentionally wandering.

Belinda Kirk

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Roz Savage

After working in London for 11 years as management consultant, Roz wanted to seek a life richer in meaning and purpose. An environmental awakening in 2003 inspired her to row, solo, across three oceans, using her voyages as a campaigning platform to raise awareness of our ecological crises. She holds four Guinness World Records for ocean rowing, and was voted National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2010. Follow Roz @rozsavage

Karen Darke

Originally trained as a geologist, Karen is a keynote speaker, flow coach, adventurer and author, and is passionate about supporting others to find “inner gold”. Left paralysed by a life-changing accident, she went on to win gold in Rio 2016 in the sport of hand-cycling, as part of the British Paralympic team. This led to Quest 79: a project encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and discover passion, purpose and strength.

Karen Darke

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Hamza Yassin 

Born in Sudan, Hamza moved to the UK when he was young and now lives in a rural part of the west coast of Scotland. He is a wildlife cameraman, best known for his TV work on Countryfile and Animal Park, and has also been a presenter on Scotland: My Life in the Wild and children’s TV show Let’s Go for a Walk. He dedicates his life to sharing the wonders of the natural world, in a hope that people will be moved to do their bit for conservation.

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Karl Bushby

Karl is a British ex-paratrooper who in 1998 initiated a challenge he named the Goliath expedition. He is hoping to become the first person to walk an unbroken path from South America to his home in the UK, unassisted by transport, walking over the ice in the Arctic and other dangerous environments. He is still walking.

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Angela Maxwell

Leaving her home in Oregon and walking more than 32,000 kilometres (20,000 miles) across 14 countries on 4 continents, Angela discovered her innate strength and courage. She faced the odds of surviving the outback in Australia, dengue fever in Vietnam, and the sheer challenges of being a woman sleeping alone in a tent. It was an experiment of living on less and following her heart, lasting nearly seven years. She has been featured in Lonely Planet, Outside and BBC Travel, among other publications. Follow Angela @angelamariemaxwell

Celia Bull

Celia is a sailor, yogi and crofter. She sailed her first boat, Ada, to Antarctica and South Georgia and in the fjords of Chile in the early 2000s. She then spent several years living in Chile before taking to the seas again on her aluminium sailboat, Selkie. She now lives on the Isle of Eigg in Scotland where she raises Shetland sheep for wool, runs sailing charters on Selkie and offers yoga retreats – bringing all her passions together.

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Gregory Peel Smith 

Gregory was homeless for much of his adult life. Aged 35, he turned his back on society and became a hermit, living alone on a mountaintop in eastern Australia. After ten years in exile, he walked out of the wilderness in 1999 to face the challenge of resuming civilized life using some of the wisdom gained in the forest. He is now a lecturer in sociology at Southern Cross University, as well as a tireless advocate for homeless and disaffected people.

Sophie Sung-Bin Hilaire

After six years with the US Army and five years with McKinsey & Company, Sophie exited the rat race and became a student of nature. She now explores the USA and Mexico in her Sprinter van, where she lives part-time. Sophie has climbed several of the world’s tallest mountains and holds the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Marathon in Full Military Uniform. Currently homesteading on 41 hectares (102 acres) in Kentucky, USA, Sophie is teaching herself practical self-reliance and working toward her goal of living completely off the land.

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Rupert Marques

Rupert lives in the southwest of the UK and has had a lifelong love of reweaving threads of connection with the more-than-human world. His background is in environmental and outdoor education with an emphasis on eco-psychological approaches to exploring ecological identity. He works with individuals and organizations, offering a range of retreats and training that explore personal empowerment and resilience.

Rupert Marques

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David Malana

David is the founder of Color the Water, a California-based surf collective made up entirely of people of colour. He is of Filipino descent, grew up on the beaches of Los Angeles and taught himself to surf when he was 21, but was always dismayed by the lack of diversity in the water. After travelling to the Philippines, where he saw dark-skinned Filipinos surfing, his passion for making surfing more accessible to people of colour was ignited.

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Jennifer Joosten-Brisk

Jennifer has been a professional classical soloist since 2009, performing internationally. After moving to Berlin to pursue a career in opera, she experienced a traumatic event that changed her life. She is now pursuing a new path in healing through music and nature connection at her home in Tuscany.

Denise Rowe

Denise is a creative practitioner, ceremonialist and experiential facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in creating and holding safe spaces for powerful transformation. Her passion is for the deep-embodied remembering that is encoded within our beings, using music, dance, prayer and landscape as access points. Denise’s work has evolved from many immersions into indigenous wisdom, including the hunter-gatherers of the Cameroonian rainforest, the mbira tradition in Zimbabwe, and her own embodied movement practice in the landscapes of Devon, UK.

Denise Rowe

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Zena Edwards

Zena is a writer, poet, mentor and radical educator of Caribbean heritage. She is the founder and director of Verse in Dialogue – an arts and engagement CIC that champions arts that serve climate and environmental justice, equity and decolonization, personal sovereignty and collective wellbeing.

Zena Edwards

Lynx has travelled, explored and researched traditional cultures around the world. Currently based in Norway, she is the founder of Living Wild, teaching Stone Age living skills to help people connect with nature and build resilience.

Lynx Vilden

Lemn is a BAFTA-nominated and award-winning poet, playwriter, broadcaster and speaker from the UK. He is also the chancellor of the University of @sissaylemn

Lemn Sissay

David Whyte

David is an internationally acclaimed poet, author and speaker living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. He is passionate about representing the beauty of the human experience. ; @davidjwhyte

David Whyte

Selina Tusitala Marsh

Selina is an academic and poet of Samoan, Tuvaluan, Scottish and English ancestry. She represented Tuvalu at London’s Poetry Olympics in 2012 and was Poet Laureate of New Zealand from 2017 to 2019. Follow Selina @selinatusitalamarsh

Selina Tusitala Marsh

Fatimah Asghar

Fatimah is a poet, fiction writer and film maker from the USA who explores and pushes the boundaries of identity, relationships and humanity – exploring themes of race, sexuality and religion. ; @asgharthegrouch

Fatimah Asghar

Camille T. Dungy

Camille is a poet from the USA, having authored four collections including Trophic Cascade (2017). She was a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow and is a Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University. ; @camilledungy

Camille T. Dungy

Chloé Dyson

After moving to Stroud, UK, to campaign for Stop Ecocide, Chloé began to explore her connection to nature through poetic verse. Inspired and held by the landscape, the adventure has revealed her voice for the earth.

Chloe Dyson

Gabriela Garcia

Gabriela is a project manager from Nicaragua who loves to write. Having trained as a medical professional, she unplugged from the matrix in 2018 and is exploring her place in this world, and in the creation of a new culture.

Gabriella García